It all begins with really great beans...

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Drink Better Coffee. Much Better Coffee.

About Our Coffee

The first rule of cold brew is "the beans don't matter." Everyone knows that you can use bad beans, old beans, dry beans and still make fine coffee, so why bother with good beans?

We don't buy that. But then, we didn't set out to make fine coffee. We set out to make amazing coffee, and that's why we get all of our coffee from a small, premium roaster, who only roasts the beans after our order comes in. As a result, we receive the freshest beans, that are still wet, and they only get ground moments before they are turned into some of the smoothest coffee you will ever taste.

We offer a variety of flavored and non-flavored coffees, and every one of them has been painstakingly taste tested to ensure that they will exceed your expectations. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. Regardless if you prefer one of our flavored blends, like Valhalla, or you are a traditionalist that enjoys the actual flavor of coffee, like The Kraken or Three Witches, we think you'll love our coffee. Every variety is a result of a small batch and a full twenty-four hour brew cycle, and will surprise you with its blend of smooth taste and rich flavor.

And even if you don't think you are into flavored coffees, you may want to give a few of them a shot. We have already had more than a few converts.

Our coffee has no additives whatsoever. All flavorings are natural, and added when the beans are roasted. We use more beans to water in our brew, which makes an incredibly strong syrup. That super concentrated syrup requires just two ounces to make a cup of coffee - just add eight ounces of water and you are ready to either heat or add to ice.


What are people saying about Mythic Brews?

OMG! This is the best cold brew I have ever had. No creamer needed! So smooth and delicious. I will be recommending this to all my friends!!!!

Julia Cote

I love this cold brew! It’s perfect to keep in my fridge at work for when i need some energy and the flavor is amazing!

Erica Mineburg

Tried this coffee first at Board & Brush for their anniversary party and by far this is the best coffee I've ever had! I ordered the Kona and Shangri-la and they are both amazing--Very smooth taste, used both hot and iced. Order and delivery was super easy and fast! Thanks for the delicious addition to my morning routine!!

Diana Deitz

This is seriously the best cold brew I have ever tried. The flavors are amazing!

Holly Whitehead

The flavors of these cold brew blends are just the right amount. It is the smoothest coffee I have ever had! My favorite is the Valhalla!

Ashton Richards

About Us

The story behind Mythic Brews begins like most stories, and the short version is just eight words long:

A guy was trying to impress a girl.

In this case, our co-founder and Brewmaster Jeff, was trying to impress his wife, Stephanie. While they both like coffee, Stephanie is a coffee fiend, and she has a very refined palate. They had each read about cold brewing, and had gotten sick of making bad pseudo-instant coffee from disposable plastic pods, and they thought they would give cold brewing a shot. The twenty-four hour brew cycle required a little bit of planning so that they always had syrup on hand, and that meant that Jeff had to get methodical, since Stephanie would routinely have two or three cups to his one and they were going through syrup constantly. Before long he had started a journal, writing down what each brew was so they could keep each variety apart.

Fast forward a few months, and having graduated from bad, store-bought beans up to freshly roasted premium beans, Jeff combined the right about of vanilla with the right amount of chocolate macadamia nut, and something happened. They discovered the first Mythic Brew, Valhalla. In the months following, Jeff and Stephanie discovered El Dorado, Shangri-La, Atlantis, Camelot, and a few more. And for every Mythic Brew that was found, there were dozens of combinations that didn't work.

Good coffee should take your breath away, and we think that ours does that. And not just one or two of them, but all of them - and that's why you shouldn't be surprised if you find a few samples of other varieties included with your order. Give them a shot, you may find a whole new favorite. And if you're really lucky, you may get to taste a sample of the Bar Mat - the limited brew that blends the leftover beans of each batch together. We know, it sounds awful, but we wouldn't put it out there if it wasn't worth drinking.